Act 5 – James Cook

“Oh what a terrible singer, oh what a terrible song, had he performed on Red Faces, Red would have bashed down the gong!”

OK, so bad singing wasn’t anything unusual for Pot Luck, right?  What was unusual about James Cook’s performance is the extreme clemency offered by Bernard.   He refused to pass judgment due to ‘some notes being attractive’ and James being ‘a good looking subject with a pleasant, willing face’. Bernard suggested that James should come back when he felt more confident.

Ricky May was less charitable, however – in Ricky’s defence – he appeared to be gobsmacked by both the performance and Bernard’s decision to withhold a score.  Whilst Ricky and Bernard were doing their best to be nice, Ernie finally said what everyone else was thinking.


About potluckarchive

The web's first site dedicated to 'Pot Luck', a talent show made by the Grundy Organisation for Network Ten Australia. 'Pot Luck' ran for only one season in 1987, and enjoyed a mild revival in 1993 when some of the more ambitious acts were featured as filler on 'The Late Show' on ABC-TV. Best remembered for highly critical resident judge, Bernard King.
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2 Responses to Act 5 – James Cook

  1. Emma says:

    When Bernard told the contestant he had “a very pleasant, willing face”, it became quite clear why Bernard wanted to invite him back.

  2. Tone says:

    Maybe too willing …?

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