Act 6 – Antoine Arabi

Live comedy is something that is incredibly difficult to succeed at.  Many of the world’s top comedians have spent night after night over many years performing in front of the most inebriated of punters in the seediest of comedy clubs.  This is how they get so good; doing the hard graft helps them hone their art and build some character, if not new material.

Of course, if this sounds too much like hard work, they could just listen to an old Bill Cosby LP and plagiarise the entire set.  Word for word.

Antoine Arabi memorised this classic Bill Cosby routine so well that at one stage, it appeared as though he was channelling Bill himself.   The joke was about death, the delicious irony being the self-inflicted death by a thousand cuts that Antoine was clearly oblivious to.  Note the audience cutaway at 1:22.

Regrettably, Bernard’s judgement has been omitted from this video.  However, I suspect that Bernard may have suggested that Antoine should consider reinventing himself as his own comedian rather than as a pale imitation of someone else.  I suspect that Antoine went away, wrote some his own (admittedly pitiful) material, shaved his head and changed his stage name to Akmal.  The rest, as they say, is history.


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The web's first site dedicated to 'Pot Luck', a talent show made by the Grundy Organisation for Network Ten Australia. 'Pot Luck' ran for only one season in 1987, and enjoyed a mild revival in 1993 when some of the more ambitious acts were featured as filler on 'The Late Show' on ABC-TV. Best remembered for highly critical resident judge, Bernard King.
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