Act 7 – “James Bond Theme” by Domenico Apruzzese

Yet another one that didn’t make it to The Late Show, but made it to YouTube thanks to our old friend Todd Rixon.    Synthesisers were the MUST HAVE instrument of the 1980s.  Pretty much every musical act in this era had at least one keyboard player.  Possibly 2 or 3.  Or, maybe just one driving several synths at once.  Unfortunately, for every one Moog Maestro there were at least several thousand Hammond Horrors.

Mr. Apruzzese, cutting a suave figure in his bow tie and shiny jacket, gave us a rendition of the classic James Bond Theme that was aiming to be more ‘Doctor, Doctor’ than ‘Doctor No’.  As it transpired, it was more ‘Doctor …. Nooooooo!!!’.

Bernard was less than impressed with Domenico’s organ, but was more than impressed with Domenico.  Indeed, Bernard seemed quite keen for Domenico to consider playing a different organ.


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The web's first site dedicated to 'Pot Luck', a talent show made by the Grundy Organisation for Network Ten Australia. 'Pot Luck' ran for only one season in 1987, and enjoyed a mild revival in 1993 when some of the more ambitious acts were featured as filler on 'The Late Show' on ABC-TV. Best remembered for highly critical resident judge, Bernard King.
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