Act 12 – Christopher Lopes *NEED VIDEO UPLOAD*

As you may have gather, Pot Luck was arguably the least discriminating talent show ever to see the light of day on Australian television.  Indeed, whether you were 9 or 90, if your number was up, the stage was yours for several minutes.

What I find baffling is that Pot Luck was a daytime TV show, shown during school hours.  This being the case, why were there so many kids on this show?   Such as Christopher Lopes.

Young Christopher wasn’t terrible, especially not for a child.  However, his choice of song was interesting to say the least.   Whilst not overtly sexual, the song has connotations of love – both of the lost and found variety, but mainly lost.  The sort of stuff most 10 year olds don’t fully comprehend.

Hence the delivery was quite flat and lacking the emotion of the John Waite original, and certainly seemed incongruous given that the lyrics were so clear.  The fact that Chris was probably a good 2-3 years away from having a voice that may (or may not) have provided the vocal range required didn’t help matters either.

Given that back in the day, most 10 year old boys were more worried about catching girl germs than mending a broken heart, I concur with Bernard’s remarks that the song may not have been appropriate, as well as the general feedback given


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The web's first site dedicated to 'Pot Luck', a talent show made by the Grundy Organisation for Network Ten Australia. 'Pot Luck' ran for only one season in 1987, and enjoyed a mild revival in 1993 when some of the more ambitious acts were featured as filler on 'The Late Show' on ABC-TV. Best remembered for highly critical resident judge, Bernard King.
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