Act 16 – Sally Scroop

This week, we’ve got another dancer.  Young Sally Scroop.  Judging by her routine, one can tell she must have been the alpha of her calisthenics group.

Bernard’s judgement was both brief and blunt.   However, when coupled with input from children’s entertainment legend and Local Government heavyweight, Patsy Biscoe, Bernard looked like an even bigger prick than usual.

I can’t really add too much more to this, other than to say Sally did a remarkably good job by Pot Luck standards and I felt ever so slightly like a dirty old man after watching this.  I have to remind myself that young Sal is actually 2 years OLDER than I am.


About potluckarchive

The web's first site dedicated to 'Pot Luck', a talent show made by the Grundy Organisation for Network Ten Australia. 'Pot Luck' ran for only one season in 1987, and enjoyed a mild revival in 1993 when some of the more ambitious acts were featured as filler on 'The Late Show' on ABC-TV. Best remembered for highly critical resident judge, Bernard King.
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