“Pot Luck” was a TV talent show made for Network Ten Australia by the Grundy Organisation. It was essentially an updated version of “Pot Of Gold”, a TV talent show than ran on the Seven Network in the late 1970s.  Pot Luck ran for just one season in 1987, and was filmed at the studios SAS10 Adelaide.   In this incarnation, Pot Luck was hosted by Ernie Sigley.

There’s probably not too many ways to skin a talent show cat, right?   Well, Pot Luck had two unique features: it ran 5 days a week and the talent was ostensibly selected from the audence at random, and unauditioned.  Indeed, some acts came across as unrehearsed.  This is where some of the unintentional hilarity ensued.

Pot Luck is arguably best remembered for Bernard King, the flamboyant celebrity chef whose acerbic feedback was served up on a bed of sarcasm.  Occasionally, when Bernard felt the contestant had talents outside of those on display, Bernard would lightly drizzle a sickly sweet jus over the top.   Other notable (but less memorable) guest judges include Anne Wills, Ugly Dave Gray and Patsy Biscoe.

Given its time slot (daytime) and brevity, Pot Luck may have been consigned to the TV graveyard completely unlamented.  However, in 1993, The Late Show got their hands on some of the Pot Luck archives (some of which surviving only as VHS copies taped at home!) and shared them with a far wider audience, thus allowing Pot Luck a second life as a cult TV show that was often so bad, it was good.

Information on the web relating to Pot Luck is very sparse, so there may be some errors or omissions.  Indeed, this is the whole point of the site – as well as to share some of the more memorable Pot Luck moments that have found their way onto the internet. Should you have any more info to share with us, please email potluckarchive@gmail.com

This site is an unofficial fan site and is not sanctioned by and does not represent the opinions of the Grundy Organisation, Network Ten Australia and/or any of their successors.   Should whoever holds the copyright object to any of the links posted on here, please email us at potluckarchive@gmail.com.    Oh, and PLEASE release a DVD with some Pot Luck Classics on it – there would be at least several people willing to buy it.  Myself included.


10 Responses to About

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  2. suzy says:

    Hi, I am after an episode that my partner was on back in 1985 or 1987 his act was called the gilbert brothers we seem to have lost our copy unfortunately.

    Would love to get my hands on it.

    Thanks suzy

  3. drita says:

    Hi im looking for a video of my late father that I never met would love to see the segment of him dancing as a male belly dancer in pot of gold not sure when exact but late 70 I got told would be greatly a appreciate it thanks

  4. Melinda says:

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  6. July says:

    Hi I am wondering if you had in your archives footage of my father that was on Pot of Gold in the 70,s.
    His name is James Harwood and he was a Tenor.
    Kind Regards


  7. Shayne says:

    Looking for footage of Rosalie Delvendiep on pot of gold not sure of the year

  8. Colleen Addison says:

    Looking for footage of Colleen Addison singing When i Fall In Love on Pot of Gold 1975

  9. Lydia Lorenz says:

    Hi, I’m looking for my dance routine from 1985 Adelaide show of potluck, channel 10. My name is Lydia Lorenz and I danced before Bernard King to the music from Flashdance, Act 3, I think.
    If you could please post on this site or email link to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, best wishes
    from Lydia

  10. Louri strathie says:

    I wonder if any one has managed to find the act they are looking for . My brother had sang on the show Paul Strathie . He sang Green green grass of home .

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