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Act 17 – The Spangles

Yes, I know.  More children singing more songs that are perhaps a little outside their vocal and/or subject matter comfort zone.  And more children that should be at school instead of appearing on an alleged ‘talent’ show. Not content to … Continue reading

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Act 16 – Sally Scroop

This week, we’ve got another dancer.  Young Sally Scroop.  Judging by her routine, one can tell she must have been the alpha of her calisthenics group. Bernard’s judgement was both brief and blunt.   However, when coupled with input from children’s … Continue reading

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Another Pot Luck contestant, another dancer.  For some reason, Pot Luck seemed to bring many would-be performance artists out of the woodwork. Today’s example, Razia, attempted to bring a little spice into the Pot Luck studio.  She was going to … Continue reading

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Act 9 – David Thai

A few years ago, a young Chinese-American gentleman named William Hung made an impression on the world thanks to a remarkable performance on American Idol.   He took a mediocre pop song and turned it into something special. Thanks to the … Continue reading

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Act 4 – Todd Rixon

Another one from the ‘bad day at the office’ files.  As you may recall, the selection process for Pot Luck contestants was for Ernie to pull out a numbered card and whichever audience member/potential act had a matching card would … Continue reading

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Act 2 – “Wenkyshafee”

Pot Luck attracted a lot of aspiring young dancers to, as they used to say in the 80s, ‘strut their stuff’.  This particular troupe of young females decided to choreograph a performance piece to ‘Relax’ by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, … Continue reading

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