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Act 15 – Rita Eldridge

Another week, another pianist.  What was it with 1980s talent shows and pianists? Again, Pot Luck’s policy of not being discriminating strikes again.  Spritely octogenarian Rita Eldridge could certainly bash out a tune. She could probably also bash out some … Continue reading

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Act 8 – Gwen Warren “The Spoon Lady”

When I first saw this, I thought it was an old sketch from Fast Forward: from some angles, Gwen has an alarming resemblance to Jane Turner dressed as Matron Sloan from A Country Practice. As you can see, the act … Continue reading

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Act 7 – “James Bond Theme” by Domenico Apruzzese

Yet another one that didn’t make it to The Late Show, but made it to YouTube thanks to our old friend Todd Rixon.    Synthesisers were the MUST HAVE instrument of the 1980s.  Pretty much every musical act in this era … Continue reading

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Act 1 – “Piffy”

Possibly one of the best remembered Pot Luck acts.  This was shown on The Late Show in 1993, and was subsequently lampooned by both Tommy G (Tom Gleisner) and Graham & The Colonel (Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro). “Piffy” is … Continue reading

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