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Act 17 – The Spangles

Yes, I know.  More children singing more songs that are perhaps a little outside their vocal and/or subject matter comfort zone.  And more children that should be at school instead of appearing on an alleged ‘talent’ show. Not content to … Continue reading

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Act 12 – Christopher Lopes *NEED VIDEO UPLOAD*

As you may have gather, Pot Luck was arguably the least discriminating talent show ever to see the light of day on Australian television.  Indeed, whether you were 9 or 90, if your number was up, the stage was yours … Continue reading

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Act 14 – Alan and Brenda

Throughout the years, there have been many great male/female musical duos.  The Captain and Tenille, Eurythmics, Wayne and Wanda, Alan and Brenda … If you haven’t heard of the last one, don’t panic.  Not many people have.  More’s the pity.  … Continue reading

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Act 10 – Ian Evans

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to witness is arguably the world’s slowest ever one man band.    Vocals, horns, percussion … Ian Evans had it all.  He even had an absolute pearler of a gold lamê shirt.  Not lame … Continue reading

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Act 9 – David Thai

A few years ago, a young Chinese-American gentleman named William Hung made an impression on the world thanks to a remarkable performance on American Idol.   He took a mediocre pop song and turned it into something special. Thanks to the … Continue reading

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Act 7a – “Ablisa”

OK, so I’m cheating here.  This isn’t a Pot Luck act, however it embodies the spirit of Pot Luck and combines it with Gen Y hubris. Two girls, one attitude. Imagine two real life Vicky Pollards that believe they can … Continue reading

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Act 5 – James Cook

“Oh what a terrible singer, oh what a terrible song, had he performed on Red Faces, Red would have bashed down the gong!” OK, so bad singing wasn’t anything unusual for Pot Luck, right?  What was unusual about James Cook’s … Continue reading

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