The Unofficial Pot Luck Archive would like to thank the Grundy Organisation and Network Ten Australia for producing Pot Luck in the first place, The D-Generation for featuring Pot Luck Classics during The Late Show and thus providing a ready archive of Pot Luck Classics for those of us that taped The Late Show religiously to enjoy, those wonderful people that have uploaded Pot Luck segments onto YouTube (including many that weren’t featured on The Late Show), as well as the contestants for making Pot Luck such an enjoyable view in the first place.


2 Responses to Thanks

  1. Nerida says:

    This IS most certainly the internet’s leading ‘Pot Luck’ fan site! I remember watching the ‘Pot of Gold’ version as a young child and feeling for those on the receiving end of Mr Bernard King’s feedback. I also vaguely remember kitchenware being plugged long, long before the infomercial became a marketing staple.

    • According to Wikipedia, Bernard was an infomercial pioneer in Australia. ‘Pot Of Gold’ was a little before my time, and a little before the time of home video recording, sadly I don’t think there’s too much of it out in the wild these days.

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